1. JR A's Avatar
    Will they ever come out with an app for BB?

    I've always wondered why they never have yet have full support for iphone/ipad. BB users are the ones that "do" and revolve around finance/business, so you'd think that Quicken would be on BB by now...

    I just started using Quicken again after a couple of years of not using it. I'd like to be able to access my accounts and balance sheets and graphs on my PB and BB. Is there anything in the mean time that can sync my Quicken data to my BB devices?
    11-08-12 07:38 PM
  2. JR A's Avatar
    I guess I'm the only Quicken user in here
    11-09-12 12:31 PM
  3. notfanboy's Avatar
    Mint is the most popular mobile solution. It was bought out by Quicken as well.
    11-09-12 01:03 PM
  4. leticeberry's Avatar
    Any word on Quicken yet? They now have Quicken mobile for Android and Apple. Does anyone know if there are plans to make this a .bar file so we can install it on Blackberry devices? I've been waiting for this literally for years. I used to use pocket quicken when I had a Sony Clie but it was discontinued. Not having this on my phone is still driving me nuts all these years later. I have used other programs, but nothing comes close to the way I was able to use Quicken with Pocket Quicken.

    06-10-13 08:56 AM

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