1. shebmiller's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere but has anyone else ever wanted to be able to close an application on your blackberry without having to load back into the application, pressing the BB button and then closing it? BBs are great for multi-tasking but once in a while, you realize that having 12+ applications opened at the same time does slow down your phone (I have a storm so having 6+ application opened renders my phone unusable)

    Hasn't anyone at RIM ever thought of putting a little (x) over the icon of each application opened or even have that option show up in the Application switcher? That way you could close all those un-used apps from the app switcher screen.

    I'm just saying... shouldn't this be a no brainer implementation?
    10-12-09 01:19 PM
  2. rhoads00's Avatar
    On some apps holding the back key closes the app, i find this a lot quicker than bb key>close.
    10-12-09 02:34 PM