1. shorynot's Avatar
    Ok so i may be knitpicking here but, I was looking to try to find out a quicker way to actually send my txt msgs. I know this is a very minimal complaint, but i was figuring after i composed a txt msg that the enter key would send it at the push of a button. But it actually is like pressing the enter key, which i find pointless for txt msging. So is there a faster way (perhaps a keyboard shortcut) to send txt msgs besides moving to my trackball, clicking once and then clicked send? I was just curious
    06-01-08 02:26 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Well same amount of clicks, but I use "Menu key + Enter" to reduce the wear and tear on the trackball.
    06-01-08 02:29 PM
  3. jtip1025's Avatar
    I have always wandered this too. But like jayden said, I use menu and enter a lot to save my trackball.

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    06-01-08 11:30 PM