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    Please read me KEVIN!!!!

    First, Is RIM conscious about the HW and SW disadvantages against other competitors?
    Second, Is the main objective of BB10 to leapfrog the competition or just to catch up?
    01-22-12 11:10 PM
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    What are the primary difference to governance between Him and and the former CEO's
    Will he be instituting anything new to the management process like Allan Mulally did for Ford

    Touch Screen or Keyboard? Does he like his PlayBook or his BlackBerry more for emails?
    01-22-12 11:15 PM
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    Keep em coming!
    01-22-12 11:26 PM
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    1st: What are his top priorities?

    2: What's the biggest challenge he feels RIMM faces, and how will he inspire employees to meet it head on?

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    01-22-12 11:42 PM
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    Ask will he seek the board's permission to buyback shares and take RIM private?
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    01-23-12 12:05 AM
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    1. What the happenned?

    2. How the does he plan to fix it?

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    01-23-12 12:09 AM
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    1. Does RIM have a team in place to tackle emerging innovation and integrate it into the Eco system.
    2.With Fairfax Financial in as the forth largest share holder and a board seat for their CEO, does that essentially create a block to unwanted takeovers. Is a take over off the table.
    01-23-12 12:17 AM
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    1. What new will he do to attract developers to develop for QNX (BB10, PB OS)? I am not talking about ZeptoLab or Rovio, but big names. Once all major players are in, smaller ones should also come in.

    2. Will they try to focus both on enterprise and consumer sides of the market? Looks like the winning strategy is to focus on both while emphasizing benefits to both types of consumers.

    Also Kevin, can you let him know that RIM needs positive publicity now (more aggressive marketing?). The consumer's perception that RIM is a failing company has been a self-reinforcing force.
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    01-23-12 12:20 AM
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    1. Plans to encourage a culture of collaboration among RIM HQ and reduce segmentation? (I'm referring to the section of Steve Jobs autobiography where Apple offices facilitated daily interactions among people to facilitate creativity)

    2. What lessons have you learned from seeing the competition in the US market and what changes will you make to regain the leadership position?


    Bonus Q:
    Replace fife with BB10
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    THE question : Will he come (not necessarily himself) on crackberry.com to grab some stuffs and ideas like the amazing Anastasia's'dreamberry ? And I like most said, marketing is the big point he shoul work on...
    01-23-12 12:43 AM
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    Yea all these questions should be asked. What a day!

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    01-23-12 12:45 AM
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    How does he plan to address this issue?
    Around the time that Apple emerged as a serious competitor, RIM lost a crucial executive when chief operating officer Larry Conlee retired. He joined RIM in 2001 after 29 years at Motorola to oversee the crucial engineering and manufacturing functions. With the droopy countenance of a bulldog, Conlee was a pragmatic taskmaster, ensuring deadlines were met and that subordinates were held accountable for screw-ups. (Conlee has since worked with RIM in an advisory capacity at various times, including last summer when the company announced 2,000 job cuts.)

    Before Conlee retired in late 2009, he brought up a new crop of people to replace him. But according to a former employee, the new operational staff members were never fully empowered to do their jobs. Instead, Balsillie and Lazaridis took a greater role in running the company. Lazaridis, for instance, started holding regular meetings with senior operations staff who previously reported to Conlee. This ultimately became problematic. Lazaridis believes RIM can pull off just about anything, and his enthusiasm led him to set overly aggressive deadlines. One of Conlees skills was managing his boss. Given his deeper insight into operations, Conlee knew better what was achievable and pushed back against Lazaridis to arrive at more realistic dates. He also had clout. Unlike many subordinates, he didnt owe his career to RIM, and happened to be 13 years older than Lazaridis, giving him the confidence to tell the founder of the company that he was wrong. When Conlee left, there was no one with comparable experience and influence to disagree with Lazaridis. Deadlines were set, launch dates announced publicly, and then blew past.

    One former employee says the situation got so bad that internal deadlines simply werent taken seriously. As a product launch date inched closer, it was common for a few teams working on the same project to realize they were unlikely to make the date, but no one spoke up, under the belief that another team was even farther behind. Everybody just kept their mouths shut, waiting for somebody else to break, says the former employee. Because the teams werent fully communicating, the executives overseeing them had little clue as to the source of the problems.

    Adding to RIMs difficulties is the co-CEOs preference for consensual decision-making. Former employees describe it as a process of bringing vice-presidents on board with a proposal, and things move ahead only when there is widespread agreement. Some see it as a relic from the co-CEOs days of running RIM when it was a startup. Building consensus may work well in small companies, but not in large enterprises when multiple vice-presidents are involved. Gaining consensus to get something done was next to impossible, says a former employee. It just stalls all innovation.
    How management has failed at RIM | CanadianBusiness.com
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    01-23-12 01:01 AM
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    How does he plan to address this issue? How management has failed at RIM | CanadianBusiness.com
    Those quoted things are EXACTLY what was happening at Ford, Before Allan Mulally started his Business over view meetings.
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    01-23-12 01:07 AM
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    1. What changes will he makes in his 100 day as CEO?
    2. Will bb10 get keyboard?
    01-23-12 02:24 AM
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    1. What does he think are the challenges RIM will face in the near and distant future and how does he plan on tackling them?
    2. Does he plan on licensing BBOS (BB10, QNX) to other manufacturers? (something I don't want to see happen)
    01-23-12 05:39 AM
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    How big a focus is there in providing a BB10 device that has the iconic BlackBerry keyboard, including all its shortcuts and conventions?

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    01-23-12 06:41 AM
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    1. A responsive presence on this or some other site?
    2. Share his personal vision for the company with us?
    Good luck!
    01-23-12 06:55 AM
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    1) BB10 is going to take RIM in a completely new direction and threatens to alienate many current Blackberry users. How does he plan on balancing protecting the interests of BB loyalists with overhauling the OS to make it more appealing to the general public?
    2) As RIM moves to BB10, can he say with certainty that BB will continue to support BB 7 devices that will not be upgradable to the new OS.
    3) How will attract developers to the legacy blackberry OS or is his plan to piggy back on Android OS?
    01-23-12 07:53 AM