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    Just have a couple questions for ya guys!

    I use my BB Bold for work so I'm on BES but I also use my yahoo account BIS.

    There are of course two email folders, my main "messages" folder and my Yahoo email folder.

    When I delete an email in Yahoo, I have it set to promp me to ask if i want to delete it on in my yahoo mailbox as well. When i do this however, it doesn't delete them in yahoo...

    It used to work with my Pearl. If i deleted an email on my BB pearl, it was deleted in yahoo.

    However, the Bold isn't doing this.... Any ideas??

    I have Yahoo GO 3.0 installed as well. I can delete emails in there and it will in fact delete in yahoo as well so I can do it, just have to do it this way...

    But it would be nice to be able to delete them in the regular yahoo message folder rather than having to log into Yahoo GO.

    My second question is with email filters. Since I use my BB for work, I have like 600 contacts that I don't ever use. So I have marked all of my personal contacts "personal" and filtered them out so they only show up!

    So now when I go to my contact list, I only see my personal contacts! Great!

    However, when I send an email and I type in a contact, ALL of my 600 contacts show up.

    Is there anyway that I can filter out so I only see my personal email contacts like I did with my general contacts?

    This would be hugely helpful as I'm always putting in the wrong email address as I have like 5 Lori's as contacts but I only ever email one of them which is personal. (for example).

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    Bump for ideas!!!!
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    No one has an answer?
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    Bumping bumping
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    Has there been no response because it's a really, really, really, stupid question or because it's a really, really, really, good question? lol
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