1. anon(1451618)'s Avatar
    Hello all,
    I just had a question, I bought this blackberry so I am not on a BES at all. I still haven't checked with I.T. what our policy exactly is, but I was wandering if I set up my work email now through the Microsoft Web Access to get pushed to my blackberry, will they know that the email is getting sent to my phone if I'm not on BES?

    Thanks so much!
    12-02-08 01:48 PM
  2. kyriefurro's Avatar
    My guess is that when your Berry access your corporate email account it's doing so through the Web, just like a human would (only faster and more frequently). If that's the case then your IT department should, theoretically, be able to tell you accessed your email externally, but they wouldn't be able to tell that it was your Berry accessing it and not yourself.

    Of course, they might notice an unusal pattern in how often your checking your email - say if your Berry checks every 60 seconds, or if it just opens a connection and leaves it open.
    12-02-08 05:46 PM
  3. ajo's Avatar
    Yes, they can tell....if they look.

    I run an Exchange Server and I don't monitor how often and from where my users access OWA.

    How many users does your company have? Do they have an Exchange Admin who would be checking?

    What are your company's policies about mobile devices? In your position, do you receive confidential info in your e-mail? Would there be a breach in confidenialily if your BB was lost and someone accessed your mail?
    12-02-08 08:02 PM
  4. ajo's Avatar
    One more thing. If your company's policies aren't too strict, IT they may help you out. We don't use BES and I had some trouble setting up my OWA on my BB so I added my BB e-mail address as an additional delivery address in my Exchange account.
    12-02-08 08:07 PM
  5. anon(1451618)'s Avatar
    Hello all thanks for the info and replies! Well the company I work for is worldwide and at my current location there's probally about 500 people.

    I checked with IT and they said everythings cool, and they helped set it up! Thanks again for the help all!

    P.S. I'm posting this from my storm! God I love this thing!
    12-07-08 04:26 AM