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    "The [Insert BB10 device name here] won't save BlackBerry!"

    I've seen posts like these with every new device and every one leaves me with a lingering question... What does BlackBerry need saved from. I know these posts are generally from trolls but they must have some reason for the work they use. I'll admit I'm a pretty oblivious person so I'm likely missing something, but as far as I understand they are referring to 'saving' as having enough market share to cover production and operation costs.

    If this is the case I'm sure BlackBerry understands as well as the next person that the phone market is already over saturated and the only chance is for BlackBerry to 'steal' from other phone manufacturers. With that in mind BlackBerry refocused their efforts to reinforce the standing they have in the enterprise market as well as QNX. With these areas expanding does it really matter if BlackBerry can't bring anyone over to BB10 from iOS or Android? BlackBerry has no shortage of cash as far as I understand. The financial results from last quarter makes it look like they just about have all their costs covered.

    Does anyone truly believe that a device release (without going some kind of extreme viral) is like winning the lottery? That it has some kind of make or break effect, killing the company or helping it rise far above the rest?

    I think that BlackBerry could survive even if they left the device market. I would greatly miss their devices as would the rest of their dedicated users, but I have great faith in BlackBerry's staying potential.

    So... what does 'saving' actually refer to?
    [Question] What BlackBerry needs saving from?-img_20140109_191201_edit.jpg
    09-29-14 11:36 AM
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    Well, it refers to some folks understanding of it.

    In my opinion it doesn't need saving. New CEO doing stellar job at it.

    Moved to General, as I think I would like to see responses too.

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    09-29-14 11:38 AM
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    [Question] What BlackBerry needs saving from?

    [Answer] Itself.
    09-29-14 12:05 PM
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    When you are in the device business, devices released matter. One device doesn't make or break you but if you have several that fail then you are in trouble. The Pre was Palms device that could have made or broke them. It broke them. It's a little naive in my opinion to think that a device release doesn't matter, especially if you aren't churning out devices constantly and your business was built on devices. So while the passport being a success or failure by itself wouldn't make or break Blackberry, it could either be the device that makes hem relevant again or the device that puts them out of business because of the other devices failure to sell.
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    09-29-14 12:14 PM
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    BB isn't going to go bankrupt or anything - no one was suggesting that they would. But BB's device division could cease to exist at some point in the near future, and for most folks on CB, that might as well be the same thing as a bankruptcy.

    Most folks on CB really only care about the devices. For all the talk of QNX and BES and eBBM, et. all, almost no one could care about any of that if they couldn't buy a BB phone anymore, and whether or not BB as a company continued to exist or not wouldn't matter to them.

    BB the company is far from "solid" financially, but they've "stemmed the blood flow and stabilized the patient." Yes, they have $3B in cash, but they also have debt of about half that ($1.25B of that money is borrowed, and they have to pay it back, with interest), and unless they go further into debt, they need a lot of that money just to operate. As anyone who has run their own business can tell you, you have to HAVE money and SPEND money to make money. When BB wants to buy components to make a bunch of phones, they have to have money to PAY for those components. When they design a case for that phone, they not only have to pay their designers, but they also have to pay for the molds and tooling to make that phone case. The point is: just because they have (what seems to you and me as) a lot of money in the bank doesn't mean that all of that money is available to spend on a whim.

    Again, though, BB isn't in any real danger of going bankrupt, short of some really stupid decisions by management. But, even with the initial success of the Passport, the device business remains questionable, and that is what folks here are worried about saving: the device business.
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    09-29-14 12:17 PM
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    Again, though, BB isn't in any real danger of going bankrupt, short of some really stupid decisions by management. But, even with the initial success of the Passport, the device business remains questionable, and that is what folks here are worried about saving: the device business.
    I am sure though, with the new things they coming up with (Victoria, just one example), I think it will keep the heart beating that little bit longer. They don't need a plethora of devices to keep it going, 2 a year is probably a maximum, and I am happy with that.
    09-29-14 12:33 PM
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    09-29-14 12:40 PM
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    They need saving from current public perception.
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    09-29-14 01:29 PM
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    I think some expect one phone out of every new batch to be some sort of cash cow for BlackBerry. First it was the Z10, then the Q10, and now it seems to be the classic. It was people that thought BB10's marketshare would pass IOS in one year! I say don't expect any BB device to sell million upon millions. Just let the devices do what they are going to do. No device is just going to rocket BB back to their glory days like some seem to think. Release quality devices and over time, perception will change
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    09-29-14 01:50 PM

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