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    I am a new Blackberry user. I bought a Tour used and have a few questions on it. Every hour or so if I dont use it, or when I restart it, it makes me put in a password. I went to options --> password and it has a gold lock next to Enabled. this phone is for personal use, it isnt on a BES, and I set the password so I know it, it's just annoying to have to put it in all the time. D oes anyone have any idea to help? Second, is there a way to link contacts together if theres multiples of the same person? I want peoples facebook pics to show up for their contact pic. Please help if you can.

    04-09-11 11:14 AM
  2. MadGasser's Avatar
    You can link facebook with contacts in your address book individually; however, if you uninstall facebook and reinstall it facebook should sync your contacts automatically.

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    04-09-11 02:02 PM
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    One hour is the maximum length that can be set before a password protected device is locked. If you use a password, there is no way to make the time it takes for the device to lock if unused any longer. The only way to keep it from locking would be to not use a password. It is up to you if you value the security offered by having a password enough to need to enter after an hour when you have not used your device. I personally use a password, since I do not want my data accessed if my device is lost or stolen.
    04-09-11 02:10 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Also, the reason that you can't take the password off is that the device likely has an IT Policy on it from the previous user's employer.

    Search for "Remove IT Policy" and you will find instructions on removing the IT Policy.
    04-09-11 09:33 PM
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    04-10-11 12:13 AM