1. MountainProud's Avatar
    I currently use my BB for work and have it setup to synch all mail / contacts / calendar to my Lotus Notes account. No biggie, that works great.

    My issue is that I created a gmail account specifically so that I could have a private calendar (I loved the color coding on my BB: corporate is blue, google is orange). My issue is that when creating an event either on google calendar or my bb it doesn't synch.

    Maybe I'm asking to much, but all I want is for my gmail calendar on google to synch to my gmail calendar on my BB (I want the events to show up in orange) and vice-a-versa. I want to create a calendar entry using my gmail account and see it on my google calendar.

    I tried the google synch, but it seems to only synch from the calendar to the BB, not the other way around. And when it does synch, the entries go into my work calendar (not a bad thing per se, just not desired).

    Is there any app out there that will accomplish this? It seems easy enogh, just wondering if it's possible.
    04-25-11 12:57 PM
  2. Ibn la Ahad's Avatar
    My Google Sync works in both directions.
    04-25-11 05:54 PM
  3. MountainProud's Avatar
    I'll give it another go, but so far everytime it synchs up, the entries show upon my work calendar, which is something I don't want.

    I mean, why would work care about my kids soccer camp? They wouldn't, but I have the days in my google calendar with reminders so I don't forget. Same with dentist appointments and various other 'family' events. The whole reason I created the gmail account was so that I would have a calendar where I could separate out work from personal.
    04-25-11 06:04 PM