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    So i have a question to all the blackberry fans out there. I am going to be purchasing a new blackberry in a few days time but i am very worried and hesitant to do so and am hoping someone can give me some info that can put my mind to rest. i am very hesitant to purchase a blackberry because it seems that all i ever see on the forums is people who are unhappy with their phone or bricked blackberry! this or nuked blackberry! that. i want a phone that i can feel secure in, that is going to just work, that i wont have to baby and it seems with everything i see here the general consensus here is anything but that. Are blackberrys really that delicate? am i really going to have to go through 5 phones before i find one that isn't going to break down on me if i so much as press a button the wrong way? is this the kind of phone were you are always going to have to think "if i put it to sleep is it going to wake up the next day? am i going to have a phone?". seems like RIM just doesn't make em like they used to. any helpful info would be great and if a thread like this has been made before then i apologize but i couldn't find one.
    12-13-11 12:01 AM
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    First off, the bricking issue is not as big as its made out to be.
    You are on a forum and the nature of forums is such that people with problems will post more to seek solutions while the people who do not have problems will not post anything.
    Between my friends and I we are running 5 BB9900s and not a single one of them has had any issues.
    Secondly, if BB scares you so much and you don't feel secure then don't get it. Unless you are convinced of its use for you and are willing to risk the 1% chance that it might have a problem, then you should stay away from the BB.
    Having said that, every device and absolutely everything manufactured in the world (including Humans) has at least a 1% chance of failure. No one here can guarantee 100% that the iPhone you buy will not have a problem. This is the reason most manufacturers give a Warranty. The BB does have a warranty which is honored.
    If you have any specific questions regarding features/specs, I'm sure CB members would answer them. As for convincing you to buy a BB, I would say don't get swayed by anyone. Buy what you feel is the best choice.
    12-13-11 12:23 AM
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    I wouldn't worry about it.
    some of the hate comes from high expectation, which I can respect eh. I'm a blackberry user, because I love the company and their products. And with anybody who stand behind a company, they want their products to be the best.
    Reference the 9900, I have not yet experience the bricking issue! I love my 9900! couple minor issues, but no phone's perfect eh.
    12-13-11 12:40 AM
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    well ty both of you for this, this has definitely put my mind at ease. i don't mind getting techy with things and problem solving just so long as i know that the end result will be a working phone and not a paperweight i do that kinda stuff all the time with phones ive had in the past (problem solving, jailbreaking,rooting etc) the only thing i worry for is installing a new os to my blackberry..never done this before but im sure ill be able to figure it out and hopefully without bricking lol..i love RIM i love that rather than just following a stupid trend like what everyone else is doing right nwo (i blame it on the teens > ) they do their own thing, they stick to what they know and what their loyals love and im sure i will be more than happy when i make the switch
    12-13-11 01:01 AM
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    I have not had my bb for too long and i would recomend them now to anyone, i dont believe that you will have any problems with the phone untill you get to messing around with it, if you dont add apps or change the OS it will work as it should all of the time, but because you can mess with them you are so going to want to!

    My wife now has a bb after a few weeks of me having mine, she had an Andriod before, that was to be honest rubbish, she left it lying around all over the place never had it in her hand, now she has the bb she cannot put it down i think shes worse than me!

    Get one use it, then abuse it thats what they do and they seem to be the best, i will now remain with RIM for the foreseable future.
    12-13-11 01:29 AM
  6. SC457's Avatar
    get a Bold 9900, you won't regret it!
    12-13-11 02:08 AM
  7. ccdawg's Avatar
    i have been using the blackberry for a bit over a year and all i can say is i have been an addict since day one. started out with the bold 9700 then i went out and bought the bold 9900 the first day it was out and i have had no problems or regrets.
    12-13-11 02:37 AM
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    this is awesome and making me feel %100 better in my decision to buy the 9900! .it seems like most of the issues people are having is from over charging and from apps that they install..so just wont charge the phone while i sleep and i will try to refrain from installing apps till they find a fix (hopefully that fix wont be to replace the phone as im doing a trade and not buying it from a store). i really want this phone to work flawlessly..i have had so many phones in the past and it wasn't untill i held the 9900 for the first time that i felt "so this is what ive been missing"..i don't know how rim does it but holding the 9900 in you're hands feels like you are holding onto a million bucks..such an amazing phone
    12-13-11 02:57 AM
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    After owning my first Blackberry (Bold 9000), all other phones pretty much got ruined for me.. I finally broke it and bought some other phone and was so unhappy with the operating system, no, like literally appalled, I returned it the same day and shortly after won a 9700 on ebay..

    To make the story short, if you love all the tiny details, you're gonna love Blackberry.. now that I think of it, it's kind of exciting to be a Blackberry owner, new udpates, tons of things you can learn how to do to make your life easier, and you have the freedom to customize your phone the way you want. So much stuff, I still find out cool new things that I never knew before, like today.. how to block sms messages and filter my bb emails (just never had to do it until today)

    I wish I had a 9900..
    12-13-11 03:21 AM
  10. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    Well, I don't thing that you should be afraid of anything... Blackberry is a great mobile phone.. for my opinion it has many things that others can't offer you and also it's a phone that considered reliable.

    If you will go to other manufacturers forums you will find the same.. people love to talk about their problem and bad experience much more then giving a credit. so when you go "deeper" with your searching about any big manufacturer you will also find negative talking along with the positive.
    12-13-11 03:52 AM