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    I purchased a couple batteries from eBay :

    These batteries are recycled and may have been pre-owned. Here at Talkin Tree, we filter batteries that perform as new so that they can still be used. The chemical compounds that are in batteries are highly toxic to the environment when they end up in landfills. Some states prohibit throwing out cell phone batteries with regular waste.

    So I was like okay :'Let's go green!' Clicked the purchase button. Plus seller shipped for free internationally. Costed me like 8 bucks for 2.

    My question :

    On my OG BB battery there is a sticker with a red bar in the middle.

    On the batteries I received the red bar and sticker are almost disappeared, the red bar actually is.

    Does that mean they suffered from water damage or so?
    Anyone has info about this? I charged one today and it seems to work fine.
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    08-05-10 12:01 PM
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    Good question! I have a Battery that came with my Bold 9650 that is plain white and the one that came with my Tour 9630 has the red stripe. I like to keep these batteries as spares in case the power goes out and my extended battery drains.

    08-05-10 12:09 PM
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    i too have come across batteries with 2 different stickers, one with the red stripe and one just white. from what i heard, the two are ok and have not been damaged by water/moisture. when the sticker turns pink, then the battery has been damaged by water/moisture.

    someone correct me if i'm wrong, thanks!
    08-05-10 01:21 PM