1. Mavis Fesselmeyer's Avatar

    sometimes at work I like to listen to my headphones and slacker or my downloaded songs in my media.. But my phone might be in another app (email, BBM, etc)

    when my work phone line rings, or someone comes in my office, is there a keyboard key I can hit to pause the music instantly?

    right now Im just pulling my headphones out, but thats irritating when Im in the middle of a sweet groove and dont want to miss rest of song.

    or is the only way to pause is to actually switch the app back to slacker or media player and hit the actual pause button.

    03-10-09 10:55 AM
  2. acowart's Avatar
    Applications can't listen for keystrokes when they aren't active and in the foreground (with possible exceptions being official RIM apps), so Slacker won't have this capability.

    I'm not sure about the regular device media player.
    03-10-09 11:00 AM