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    I may be missing something obvious here, but this is driving me mad, so here goes.

    The company I work for uses Basecamp from 37signals which, for anybody that doesn't know, is web based project management software. One of the cool features of Basecamp is that when someone posts a message on a project they can sign colleagues up for email notifications. This means that the message gets emailed to everyone signed up and if those people wish to post a comment, they can just reply to the email which will get posted as a comment on the original message within the webapp.

    The way that this seems to work is that each message gets a unique email address assigned to it and anything sent to that address is added as a comment to the message. But this unique address isn't used in the 'from' field, only in the 'reply to' field of the emails.

    This means that in order to have my comment posted I need to send my reply to the 'reply to' address not the 'from' address. Whenever I go to reply from my Blackberry (8900) the device automatically selects the 'from' address. Is there anyway to have the Blackberry automatically use the 'reply to' address instead?

    Thanks in advance, any help would be really appreciated.

    10-15-09 10:47 AM