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    I love the GPS app that comes on this phone (Sprint Navigation) but have a question about it, since I have not used it extensively. Does the GPS mapping still work if you drive out of cell reception zones? If it does not work with Sprint NAV, are there apps that allow you to still have GPS mapping if you do not have cell reception? If this has been asked a million times, I apologize. I did a search and could not find the answer.
    12-16-09 10:58 PM
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    That's actually a bit of a complicated question. And the answer may be carrier-dependent. First the simple part. BlackBerry nav software typically does not store maps. Instead, maps are downloaded as needed via the internet connection. If you drive out of cell reception, your maps will no longer update, even though your GPS may still function.

    Second, the GPS in older BlackBerry models may function in either Assisted GPS mode or Autonomous GPS mode. This is the carrier-dependent part. Verizon 8330's operate in Assisted GPS mode. That means the GPS chip is dependent on ground data which is delivered thru the cell signal. So in a Verizon 8330, the GPS will also stop working with the cell signal is lost. You can easily prove or disprove this for your Sprint 8330. Stand out in the clear and run Sprint Nav. Let it acquire the GPS satellites and show your correct location. Then turn off the cellular radio. If Sprint Nav immediately loses its GPS signal, then it is operating in Assisted GPS mode, the same as Verizon. If it keeps its GPS signal, then it is operating in Autonomous GPS mode. My Verizon 8830 worked in Assisted GPS mode. My Verizon 9630 works in Autonomous mode. So the answer is not only carrier-dependent, but device dependent as well.
    12-16-09 11:43 PM
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    Thank you for your awesome and detailed response, that really helps a lot. The next question I have (and this might sound strange, not sure I will word this correctly) is, is there a "Mapless" app that gives directions and updates as you drive, but doesn't show a map that needs to update? As long as I had directions to follow, it wouldn't be crucial for me to see the map.
    12-17-09 12:21 AM
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    I'm not aware of an app that works in that way, but I've never thought of it before. If you determine that your Sprint 8330 works in Autonomous GPS mode, turn off your radio and try it. If it works in assisted mode, it won't matter anyway. Google Maps, BBMaps, and Nav4All are also free alternatives you could try.

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    12-17-09 12:34 AM
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    How do you turn off the cell radio? I know these are annoying noob questions, but I am completely new to this. You have been awesome with your helpful replies. Thanks for the patience you have shown!
    12-17-09 12:43 AM
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    Go to Manage connections. You can turn if off there by unchecking the box. Please post your results.

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    12-17-09 12:51 AM
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    Ok, this will be a confusing answer. I couldn't figure out how to have my sprintnav program open and still get to the home screen to turn the radio off. However, I did turn it off then try to open SprintNav and it told me that I needed to turn the radio on, it would not open. BUT, with Google Maps it didn't give me any indication that the GPS had been turned off, it just couldn't load fresh "map" screens or get driving directions (I expected this already). So, the short answer is "I still really don't know".
    12-17-09 01:13 AM
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    I don't have Sprint Nav, but with most programs you can press the escape key to get out of the program while it is running.

    With the phone radio on, run Google Maps and press 0 for MyLocation. What does Google report? Is it a small blue dot with text "Your location within 7 meters" or is it a light blue circle, centered roughly on your location with text "Your location within 4000 meters"? If the former, Google Maps is using your internal GPS. If the latter, it's estimating your position based on the cell tower you are using.

    Now repeat the Google Maps experiment with the phone off. On my Tour, I get a message in the upper right corner of Google Maps screen that says "Data connection lost, retrying." But my location is still known to within 7 meters. Does your Google Maps location accuracy change when you turn off the phone?
    12-17-09 08:47 AM
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    Got my final answer today as I was driving home from work. Went the back roads and drove out of cell reception....the GPS instantly lost signal. So, that was the answer I needed. Thanks so much for all your help on this. This forum is awesome because people like you take the time out to help noobs like me.
    12-18-09 12:14 AM
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    I'm glad to help, even though the answers weren't the ones you wanted. Welcome to the Forums.

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    12-18-09 12:21 AM