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    I volunteer for a dog rescue, which involves me sending out welcome emails to all new applicants. I have a standard email I send out to everyone, which I store as a "canned response" on my google account. I go into Compose new email, insert the canned response, and then CC it to the region coordinator. Is there a way I can do this on my BB? I get all the new applicant emails sent straight to my BB, but I am unable to do anything with them until I get behind an actual computer so I can add the canned response.

    12-30-09 01:23 AM
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    The best I can figure is to email the template to yourself and then paste it in a memo. Then paste it in each email you send. Replacing the name each time. Maybe look for an app that does that????
    12-30-09 01:48 AM
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    Yeah, this is pretty easy to do. First, mail the canned response to your email on the BB. Go into the email, select the text you want and copy it. Now, go to the Options icon on the home screen of the BB, go to AutoText. Bring up the menu and select New. This will give you two blanks



    Under Replace:, type in a keyword that you will remember but is not a common word, like "cannd". Under With:, paste in the text you copied from your email. Save it. Now open a new email and in the body of the email, type cannd and Autotext will replace it with the text you pasted there. The autotext is very powerful. I would also recommend looking through the Autotext list to get an idea of other shortcuts. Ones I use often are "il" which changes to I'll and wer which makes we're.
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    12-30-09 01:48 AM
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    That is extremely helpful. It works like a charm. Thank you.
    07-06-11 07:04 AM
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    You can also use Auto Text. Menu/Options/AutoText/Menu/New. You can use 2 letters like jj followed by a space and the "replace with" section can be filled with an entire composition. Then all you will ever have to do is press jj space and it will fill in with your canned message. Great for auto sigs, quick replies on the fly and even canned sms responses. I use them daily.

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    07-06-11 10:23 PM