1. bwshugo's Avatar
    Hey everybody, i had a question and i was wondering if you guys could help me out. I recently switched from an Iphone to the Bold and i love it!!! I would love to exchange my black bold for the new white one thats coming out on the 18th! I've only had my bold for 2 weeks and i bought it thru best buy, my question was, how would i go about exchanging it, or it its even possible? if so, please help me out and give me some advice, i know that everybody here is real nice and helpful, thanks in advance!! P.S. Now i know why the call them Crackberries! Im Hooked!
    10-08-09 11:25 PM
  2. admirer's Avatar
    u should be able to return it to bestbuy as its only 2 week ? they should have atleast 1 month return policy, right?
    10-08-09 11:41 PM
  3. david9962000's Avatar
    It should be 30 days but I don't know if Best Buy will have the white 9000 right away.
    10-08-09 11:44 PM
  4. bwshugo's Avatar
    thats what im hoping for, that i have a month to return it, cuz i know that theres no way that i can go thru an att store, right?
    10-08-09 11:44 PM
  5. admirer's Avatar
    did u sign up a 2 year contract also? if u got the phone and the contract then just cancel the contract and return the phone and wait for the white to come..
    10-08-09 11:52 PM
  6. bwshugo's Avatar
    yea, i did sign up for a two year contract, thats a pretty good idea, thanks a lot.
    10-09-09 12:09 AM
  7. o0stryxs0o's Avatar
    Best Buy does have a 30 day return policy but does that apply to best buy mobile? I thought best buy was only doing 14 days on phones. I could be wrong. Also, if it is 30 you might want to just cancel and wait til 11/11 and get a 9700 and be up to date. Its exactly a month a way and it would suck to be stuck with an old model for 2 yrs.

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    10-09-09 05:30 AM
  8. bwshugo's Avatar
    thanks a lot everybody!! greatly appreciated!
    10-10-09 12:34 PM