1. jennelocke's Avatar
    I just updated to OS 4.5 yesterday and noticed something new with the text format which is really annoying me and I would like to fix it. I don't know if I accidentally changed an option or if it automatically happened with the OS 4.5 update.

    Now, when there is a text conversation, there is a square bullet next to the date of the previous related texts. It was never there before and it is killing me! How can I get rid of it??

    Thank you!
    11-30-08 08:07 PM
  2. Mamaluka's Avatar
    Hi, I've seen many comments about that black dot. I too, have the black dot. It can't be taken away. I have a question though. You said the dot is really annoying you and driving you crazy. How? Is your dot different than MY dot? Mine kinda looks like this • Now that's not so annoying. Nothing more than a little dot. This whole hate the • Thing is driving ME crazy. Why, I say, why does this dot bother you so? •

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    11-30-08 08:19 PM