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    So, in the days of old and before I had a Blackberry, when I went to charge my phone it was very much quicker to turn the phone off to do so.

    Without any techinical knowledge or research, I always attributed this to the phone not running off the charger, but otherwise just charging the battery and the battery powering the phone. So if it was off, it was faster.

    Today, whcih happens a time a week or so, I forgot to charge my phone overnight and so before I left I had about 20mins to charge my phone, so I turned it off to do so.

    My question to all the knowledge and smarter than me crackberry people, does that even matter anymore? Or does the phone run off the charger, therefore making it no faster or different?

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    10-31-09 06:17 PM
  2. BuddyL's Avatar
    If I understand your question correctly it doesn't matter if your phone is off or on for the speed in charging it.

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    10-31-09 06:21 PM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You never need to turn the device off.
    10-31-09 06:36 PM
  4. jahoobob's Avatar
    If you turn your phone off to charge for 20 minutes you gain additional battery time approximately equal to the drain of 20 minutes of standby use, nothing else. Of course there may be a little battery drain overhead with rebooting and this could be greater than what you gained.
    10-31-09 06:55 PM
  5. breakmedown's Avatar
    Why would 20 mins of charging be equal to no more than 20 of standby time? If my blackberry can go from 20% to 75% when off and charged for about 45 or 50 mins. How is a little bit less than half that time only good for negligible charge?

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    10-31-09 10:33 PM