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    Hello, I am new to Blackberry services, has used 3G data plans while roaming, now due to a specific requirement of job i am to spend 30 days in India and 30 days in middle east (UAE). Bought a BB 9780, now looking at a service which I can use year round in UAE and India and possibly roaming in Europe (not very important)

    Requirement : Emails (5 accounts including yahoo Plus, gmail, 3 different company accounts) and messages. For Voice and data I have another international roaming service from a provider in UAE. Need to take a voice SIM in india either prepaid or postpaid.

    Following are my queries

    a. If I take an email only Unlimited service from India or UAE, do I have to pay extra for using that while roaming .

    b. If I take unlimited international service from India or UAE do I have to pay extra for using email, internet and messaging, other than the monthly amount?

    b. From your experience, any specific service provider you would suggest, In UAE the rates for unlimited international service is 290 (etisalat), 260 (Du), 239 (email only international). Still looking at rates in India.

    Thanks in advance for your comments. I know this might have been discussed earlier but couldn't find specific threads, will appreciate any recommendations and suggestions on the above.


    04-08-11 01:06 AM
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    Don't know about UAE, but I can help you with India.
    In India you get BB services on Pre-Paid as well as Post Paid Connections.
    The cheapest plans are Rs.299/mo which will give you mail access and BBM. 10 Mail accounts can be synced. Browsing will be charged per KB.
    You can also get the Rs.899/mo on post paid plan which will give you all BB services including unlimited browsing.
    You can also pay Rs.250 for a 250mb/mo plan for 3g services. 1 gb plan
    Rs.675 for 1 gb/mo for 3g and I think Rs.800 for 2 gb plan.
    The 3g plan are inclusive of tethering.
    Since you are here for a month, I would suggest a Pre-paid card would be the best and easiest option.
    Also Indian card will not give you unlimited international service.
    Airtel is one of the best companies in India.
    If you need any specific info, let me know. I will call up customer care and clear it up.
    04-08-11 04:34 AM