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    Can anyone give me some advise on maximumizing the picture quality on my 8830. I'm an amature photographer and would like to display some of my pictures using the media player. So far, I know to sharpen and brighten them using PhotoShop but I hope someone can give me more detailed instructions.
    What is the optimum resolution and pixel size?
    01-22-08 07:25 PM
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    Well, since I've had 50 people look at this post with no replies, maybe I'll just share what I do know.
    My pictures are taken with a digital camera and are converted using PhotoShop.
    First I change the image size to 320 x 240 with a resolution of 72.
    The next step is to adjust the levels to brighten the image. I usually move the middle level control to the left and the left control to the right. This not only brightens the image but also maintains the contrast.
    When the picture looks much brighter than I like on my computer monitor I apply the "sharpen more" filter. Again this does not look very good on the computer but it really helps the appearance on my 8830.
    I'm still looking for input from some outside sources or someone with a little experience showing pictures on their BB.
    01-28-08 08:29 PM