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    hey everyone,
    as we all know, QNX phones will come out in 2012 and most of us are really excited, we all want new news regarding these devices, new informations regarding QNX...
    in almost every thread there are pple talking about QNX (including myself) and nobody knows what we can expect, but we all have some high expectations/wishes !

    since i have a few wishes myself, i thought i'd share them and let you guys share yours, interested in seeing what we all want most

    so let me start...

    for me the dakota seems like the "perfect" device, it has a physical keyboard (which i obviously love) and a touchscreen, i think having both is just great
    i like its size, the shape and the looks of it, i really hope theres gonna be a QNX phone just like the dakota, but of course im open for new things

    what do i expect from the qnx phones, what do i wish for....
    well, lets go, heres my wish list:

    dual core 1,2ghz
    1+ GB ram = )
    support for flash player
    bigger LED (i dont like the LED of the dakota, only thing i dislike, i hope the QNX phones wont stick with that size)
    front camera
    maybe instead of 2,8inch screen - 2,9 or 3,0, but that'd probably be too big then (cuz of physical keyboard), so i dont really have a problem with 2,8

    thats about it i guess, all of it is possible and very likely to happen
    would definitely be a "supersmartphone" then as they call it

    what do you wish for?
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    nooohoooooooooo !
    anyone care to share their wishes? or was this really an unnecessary thread? : P
    04-08-11 02:30 PM
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    facebook integration with bbm
    a bar at the top at all times in all apps always, displaying time, battery and what types of notifications I have. I want to see if it's imperative for me to switch apps to check a message or if it can wait.

    Cloud backup for all settings, phone numbers,... basically everything to be on a cloud.
    04-08-11 03:38 PM
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    As long as it doesn't sacrifice basic functionality for cool flashy features (like other platforms do) then i'm a happy camper
    04-08-11 03:46 PM
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    Hardware wise?
    I would careless as long as the device runs lag free, and I can add storage with microSD cards. Hopefully the microSDXC standard has been finalized and RIM supports it.

    Now with my 2012 QNX phone I want to see RIM launch BIS 5, with user controlled truncated emails via a BIS log in page,
    webmail for my carrier.blackberry.net address for access when not on my BB
    Increased file transfer over cell/wifi

    On the phones themselves,
    I could go on and on, I'm sure I have in a few threads.
    My primary concern is RIM USED! To be king of email, but they now do not offer half of what a webmail client can, I want a revamp of the email handling bringing RIM back to the top of the hill and not just running around the bottom with everyone else.

    Also contact management is still so 90's with EVERY phone. Let's see some innovation to handle a world of multiple means of connectivity!!

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