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    I noticed Apple, IBM, and Oracle listed as QNX partners, among many others: QNX Partners Directory - Search Results
    Does anyone have any clarity about the partner program or the extent to which any of the listed companies are involved with QNX? I've pasted below the listed requirements needed to become a QNX partner, as per the QNX website. Thanks very much, any insight is greatly appreciated:

    --The QNX Partner Network is an ecosystem of complimentary hardware, software and service providers that support QNX with their commercial offerings. Members sell their products and services to our mutual customers.

    Companies that intend to offer commercial QNX support for their CPUs, peripheral silicon, boards, middleware, protocols, development tools, graphics toolkits, browsers or virtual machines are all candidates for membership.

    Independent consultants and engineering services companies are also welcome to join the QPN, and have access to free software under separate terms.

    If you are supporting QNX for a single customer opportunity and have no intention to make your QNX support available to the general market, your company does not qualify for membership and/or access to free software.
    What are the obligations of membership?

    Commitments and obligations for membership are minimal. There is no formal contract to confirm these obligations, rather partners are asked to express their willingness to meet these commitments through the application process. As a partner, you intend to:

    Create and market a commercially available QNX version of your product or service within 12 months of joining the QNX Partner Network
    Include references to QNX versions of your offerings in appropriate marketing initiatives
    Reference QNX as an industry partner in your online marketing and other media as appropriate.
    Provide support for the QNX version of your product or service
    Provide to QNX Software Systems, as appropriate, evaluation software or hardware for the purpose of supporting mutual customers and/or marketing our joint solution
    Allow your status as a partner to be used by QSS in our general marketing material and announcements on a case by case basis, as required.--

    QNX Partner Network
    12-24-12 02:13 PM

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