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    Yesterday there was another rumour from BGR, that a QNX device will be released in the first quarter 2012 without BES support and traditional BB specs. If true, part of me sees a QNX phone being rushed out for shareholders or as part of the way to prove the co-CEO roles are needed to get things done. I hope the rumour is false or RIM forgets this idea and moves the QNX phone release date till after the May show.

    QNX is a huge opportunity for RIM to breathe new life into their company around some amazing phones and the playbook. The problem is the average consumer doesnít know anything about QNX and how powerful and secure it is. Rushing QNX phones out without being well polished is going to seriously damage the perception about QNX and the future of RIM. Bloggers er..reviewers, will rip into the product. I have a playbook and love it, but it came to the market incomplete and was ripped apart.

    Should QNX not be released till late Q2, then more sales of OS7 devices are likely to happen. Some of the slated devices donít even hit companies like AT&T till fall, releasing QNX a couple months later just doesn't make sense. The BB market share has been decreasing in the US due to lack of new products. For the short term, RIM needs to increase sales. By the first quarter of 2012, the iphone 5 will have been out for several months, and the iphone 6 isn't coming out for awhile so there is no need to rush to market yet another generation device for Q1. As for Android they spam out every couple of weeks so I donít think they have quite the same effect as an iphone release.

    By waiting for May they can do a big show about the devices, and do an advertising blitz before the commercial release of the devices. If the concern is share price there are better things that RIM could do to appease shareholders and show they are making changes for the future.

    This wouldnít be through the notion of a stock buy back. This is a horrible idea. While temporarily increasing the value per share of the stock, given the number of people shorting RIM stock, it wouldnít be long before the value dropped again. There are better uses for the company money.

    With so many departures recently at RIM, they would do better to not fill these positions with current employees but head hunt some new talent to bring to the company. This would provide investor confidence as it would show new ideas and skills are being brought to the company that could help it in the ways of advertising of products etc. Maybe a head of QNX product development, who is also a fantastic speaker that could be spokesperson for the devices.

    The following are my thoughts on RIMís QNX product line up. Everybody seems to have an opinion on them. I will be honest I donít own a BB and have never liked my husbandís Bold; just not a keyboard phone person myself. I do however have a playbook and see a lot of what it and RIMís phones could be. I am excited. I guess I am part of the consumer market that RIM is trying to tap into. I just havenít had much interest in BB before now, though I am considering a 9850.

    BB is a great business device. It is secure and takes security seriously. This is the reason BB is the primary device used by businesses and governments. But it is more than just security, BBM is loved and a big selling point for many people as well. But despite these features companies like Apple are making inroads into businesses. The company my husband works for, which is a large multinational is now reviewing the ipad for employee use. My husband has one already. So why are they succeeding to make inroads?

    RIM is trying to cater to business and consumers but somehow consumers seem to take second string to what their bread and butter want. RIM has also been slow to approach modernizing their phones and UI.

    I would agree that there is definitely a BB experience, but for BB to do well it needs to cater to things that consumers might like as well. But If the BB experience was enough, we wouldn't be seeing people moving to alternatives. There were quite a few BB's in my family most are now iphones.

    So what could RIM do? Many of the core OS features people want are already built into the playbook and BB, that cater to both groups, but the problem is the UI and experience for the user. RIM has TAT and is apparently working with You.i Labs, they should be able to offer more. RIM needs to cater to businesses but why not take a page from Android and provide 2 UIs and let the user choose which they want to use and when. Yes more work and expense, but it is a UI not a rewrite of the underline system. Each Android device seems to have a different skin and seems to work well in their market.

    I havenít used an OS7 device yet but it doesnít seem, outside of being faster, not to different from the previous OS. I know from my Playbook, that the interface is nice, but many of the baked in programs are a little boring and overly simple. After seeing much of what TAT can do, many of the media programs etc seem slow and a little lacklustre in appearance and function. That may be why many people in the forums keep asking about some of what they have seen that hasnít made it to the playbook. As media player etc have little to do with business I donít understand why these arenít made more interesting and dynamic.

    Having QNX device just being a QNX refresh of the BBOS is going to get bashed, and for consumers bad press and negative impressions unfortunately lead to fewer sales. Letting people choose a clean BBOS refresh like Bongs did, or a true TAT UI would be great. In the very least let TAT out of the box to come up with a UI for non business areas of the phone that is specific to the consumer market. They have come up with a lot of cool concepts and many seem to be the direction consumer UIs are moving towards. Such as apple with 3d eye tracking. I believe that was a concept that TAT had played with.

    A more graphical UI may be more battery intensive, but it has the cool factor and the consumer market as fickle as it is, demands new and interesting. But it also provides some cool possibilities. Some of TATís concepts are better than others but some have real potential. Their 3d eye tracking concept is one. It raises interesting possibilities for working with applications and data. But I also rather thought it might be used to do some interesting things. I wonder if it couldnít be used for privacy. People reading ebooks hate people reading over their shoulders, or if you are looking at a sensitive business doc. Could it be used to make reading off the device difficult the way it moves data angled with your eye. Or an ebook or document that is semi transparent that lets you see a moving image like a lake in the background while reading your document or using the back camera to see what is happening on a Presentation while taking notes.

    Maybe even split your phone business, BB powered by QNX and QNX as a phone itself. Made by RIM but consumer market oriented, take a script from Android, offer a mid season refresh of the device or do like apple and just change the colour of the device. A QNX non BB phone may allow the device a chance to be itself without preconceived notions about what a BB is but with all the features that can be found in one. Then you could advertise the power of QNX itself as on OS, rather than BB alone.


    Now that the OS7 devices are out, moving forward RIM should just concentrate on two forms, the bold and the torch. To prevent fragmentation like android and BB in the past have created. Keeping the screen size, etc the same on the full screen touches w & w/o keyboard would help developers by only having two phones to make apps for. That isn't to say that other iterations of these devices couldn't be made to service other markets and price points but should keep this screen specs consistent.

    Rim really should think about making the Torch like phones with a 4 inch screen. I think the 4.3 inch phones are too big myself, but a 4 inch phone would provide a good size screen for internet and gaming. Maybe reduce the size of the side bezel. This would make the device more appealing to consumers who maybe cannot afford a phone and a playbook, it also appears to be the direction the iphone is headed as well.

    It would be great to include bevel swipes on the phone like those on the play book. I would just disable the side swipes when vertical or horizontal. This would give all the bezel functionality without kicking you out of a program when vertical or kick you out of a game when horizontal. The side swipe doesnít do much more than a bottom swipe up does. When speaking on a phone have bezel disabled or on pause but press a button to reactivate while still on phone if need an app. The bezel swipe while a little unknown feature to many people is an awesome feature of the Playbook. I canít remember how many times I have tried to swipe my husbands ipad and get frustrated over the dumb button on the device.

    To keep higher margins or prestige they should keep a signature and curve version of their phones for different markets and price points. My thoughts for a cool phone would be a carbon fibre phone. It would make a very light, modern and durable device. Bloggers could hardly complain about the plastic feeling of the device if it isnít plastic. Maybe the curve version like the playbook, with rubberized plastic. Not that a carbon fibre couldnít be rubberised if it is too slippery. Not sure if possible but you could have a stylized BB logo used on the back instead of the chequered repeating pattern that you normally see.

    It would take more work but instead of releasing countless iterations of BB just do the three phones types in a high and less expensive quality. But instead of one full touch device per year, release 2 devices. Each 6 months apart. A refresh with some new hardware. Like android, the device would seem less stale down the road as it gets 2 refreshes a year.

    RIM should also put a good glass on the device. I am not sure what the Playbook uses but people keep asking about gorilla glass. Asahi is making some thin and light glass, I think it is what the ipad uses, the playbook glass has been well. But I do find it very smudgy on its own.

    The new devices should support 4g, real 4g as well as H+. They should include NFC as well. It would allow for a wallets as well as cool interaction applications for people. I suspect the difficulty RIM was having with the cell companies about where to locate data, sim or not, is the reason they arenít on the other devices just now.

    The devices should have bright high res screens. Much like the Playbook, you can reduce the brightness for battery life. It would be great if QNX phone apps could be run on Playbook as well. Not unlike the iphone and ipad can.
    People complain about specs and how under specked the BBs are. I see where RIM comes from on this, using more intensive hardware then needed can be a battery drain etc. Unfortunately I can also see how much faster the OS7 devices look and I believe faster processors are also a good part of that.

    Consumers always want the fastest and best equipment that is out there. Just because a four core processor exists, someone is going to want it because it is more powerful. Rim to help if only for appearances and increased performance, should switch to a modern processor for appropriate launch date. Certainly dual core. I know it costs more, but part of where you are getting hammered is outdated specs compared to the competition. You should also boost RAM and offer more Memory. Heck give it over a gig of RAM. Even if the device never needs it, it looks good on paper.
    You also need to go over all the things you get dinged on, like recently no auto focus on OS7 cameras, the power button on the playbook, or even the lack of blacked out pixels around the corners of the Playbook screen to match the rounding of the bezel. Certainly If it is something that is going to cause a real negative impact on the opinion of the device that can be avoided then it should.

    An 8 megapixel camera with a flash not to close to the camera would do well. As would a front facing camera. Video on the playbook is great. I have noticed with photos on the playbook and when using my husbandís bold, there is a huge lag between pressing the camera button and actually taking the photo. It has made taking family photos with his bold a worthless task as it takes forever to take a photo and more often than not comes out blurry; that and our toddler can only stay still for so long.
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    Playbook & Phones:

    Some of these ideas are a little off the wall but would have been very bold had RIM done so.

    Rim unlike iphone and android doesnít really provide media services but rather relies on others. While I am sure they have worked out some deal with companies like 7 digital and kobo. It misses out on providing these services themselves, the potential revenue stream and ad/marketing revenue opportunities.

    Should RIM be in the Book, Magazine, Music, Video business? I donít know. I do know that you canít just provide a device and expect others to fill these voids. It isnít working so well for the playbook. While I use 7 digital a fair bit, there isnít really much along videos etc. And people have been crying out for them. So I have to think what if...

    Instead of providing 7 digital as their music store, which has been great but a little slow in music previews. They should have bought 7 digital. 7 digital could be left to exist independently under its own name, but Rim could have used their DRM free music collection for the BB music store, plus gain access to 7 digitalís Cloud services, and could have helped RIM set up a video and ebook store since that is part of their shtick; not too sure on that last part. Since HMV bought 50% of them for a couple million dollars, RIM could have done this for little money.

    Lots of people like kindle, I'm not one of them. But RIM should have worked something out with Kobo. Made a reader specific to the Playbook, the ipad version seems to have more features. RIM would have a great reader and have books, newspapers and magazine access on the playbook and BB devices. I know a lot of people find the current Kobo app lacking. Heck if you couldnít set up an eBook business through 7 digital and you have 3 billion on hand, be bold. Buy out Indigoís owner, gain a distribution system in Canada, eBook reader and sell BB devices in store. Walk in the Chapters/Indigo and there could be a mini BB store next to the Starbucks. Not that H.R. would ever sell her business.

    Although given the bad news that Kobo has had the last little while, RIM for less, could have worked out a deal for partial ownership of Kobo, giving them access to their eCatalogues and Magazines for BB devices, for a certain amount, with option to purchase all Kobo if Indigo and the other owner decided to sell.

    Working with Adobe, I am surprised there isnít much along the lines of Adobe additions for magazines etc. They put together the tablet magazines for some of the bigger players, and market their services as cross platform. RIM should be trying to develop a newsstand. Not to mention with all these media sales and potential marketing data there has to be money to be made. They could even use the data to make recommendations for their customers.

    (As for kindle I don't think you will find a native app. Kindle, Kobo and Facebook are moving from apps to HTML5 to circumvent iOS restrictions. Rather ironic given Jobs touted HTML5 as being a replacement to flash, only to see it used to circumvent the app store and their cut of app money.)

    Videos are more difficult to provide without negotiations and their restrictions. Though 7 digital may have helped here. The Playbook and BB devices should provide the DRM needed to bring in the third party providers. Ideally RIM would provide the content, but this would at least get companies like Netflicks etc. on board. Though RIM would have to adopt Silverlight first. The playbook should also have DLNA certification, I believe they applied but obviously nothing as of yet. However it would allow the playbook to act as a DLNA server for multimedia. Which would be awesome.

    While we tend to be a little North American centric, RIM shouldnít forget about the other large markets in the world. Get European media and videos onto the device in Europe, Indian film industry in India, heck Nigeria has a huge film industry which RIM should make deals with for content in Africa. Make the devices matter and provide regional based services and you get more active market share, and increased revenue.

    While the GPS has had a working not working relationship with many users. GPS does little good to users out and about with no wifi to connect to, and thereby unable to view many or the map programs made available. Blackberry maps should have been on the playbook, with turn by turn navigation. They should have offered an offline version, you download your area and then you can go. I imagine there are many reasons a downloadable version isnít available, cell companies aside, but it would have been useful.

    There is a lot of good stuff in BBMaps but modernize it. TAT had a great 2D to 3D map concept, imagine that and both wikitude and BBM integration. It would make a great map. In the very least the NDK has to get out to people so that more native development can happen that will better show off the power of QNX devices.

    I guess RIM sometimes frustrates BB lovers. They often buy out a company people look forward to seeing what will happen with the purchase but things never seem to materialise. I know TAT has been doing work with RIM but people keep expecting to see more of them in BB devices. I look forward to seeing how tungle.me calendar and scheduling is incorporated into BB.

    I guess my problem with apps in general, is that a lot of them don't do much. To me an app is really a game, or a tool or a software program. But many apps seem to only do one thing, and while it might be a useful thing, launching app after app after app just to do something seems impractical. Why not combine a bunch of these one offs into a super app; but instead of a super app, why not just make it a part of the core system.

    A little while ago there was an app release for conference calls called ďDial me inĒ, so if disconnected from a conference call it can redial you into the call, with passwords etc. My husband has always hated redialling into a conference, and loves this feature. But why is it an app and not baked into the calling system of the BB. Seems like a rather useful business feature.

    RIM needs to sit down and think about things like this that improve the large and small business experience and make it a part of the system. People keep asking for Citrix etc in the playbook. Why not provide things like this. I know I know the licensing or expense of having to get the program on the device when only so many people need it. But you could make it available for purchase.

    RIM should also bring some feature apps like a notebook. Yes you can just type notes or record a meeting. But some people like to write with a capacitive pen. A good notebook app that allows you to add pictures and mind mapping app would be great as part of a core business system. Docs to go is great for phone and playbook, but full office on a 10Ē playbook would be amazing. Maybe an Administrative assistant app to help contact management etc. Also allow greater customization, like folders and an explorer, obviously just providing access to personal files and media etc.

    Rim knows their devices and knows what businesses need, or should. Why not make a couple business packages that small businesses could purchase. Obviously Big companies would maybe like some of these features to. But Small business using a tablet as a marketing or business tool to connect to work, Remote desktop, etc.

    Why not make it a user pay feature. If someone needs a specific business feature why not have the user pay for the app or plug-in which includes the licensing fee. Then it is specific to the user's device. You could make a package of these features that are in the device but user pays to activate them. Now you have these features but don't need to pay for the licensing of it as only those who have paid have access to it. But you providing these feature instead of waiting for others to bring them to your devices makes your devices a more complete package.

    The QNX phones should have flash and Silverlight to truly make the devices a full web experience. But With the playbook they should be trying to get as much of pc technology as possible on the device. There is a huge potential for the playbook to be a laptop replacement. There was a rumour about Office on the device, this would go big to making it a laptop or PC replacement. Imagine it, a tablet, something that works with a blueTooth keyboard, plug the device into a monitor use your keyboard and go. Even just use the device with a keyboard in school. Cloud backup of info. This is a huge opportunity for RIM to enter the PC world. Obviously it wouldnít be a replacement for all users, but a good number of people.

    RIM should also provide a good quality photo editing and video editing app. Doesnít have to be super fancy but would be useful. With the recent online video editor that RIM bought, maybe we are a step closer. Adobe is in theory bringing their photoshop express app to the Playbook, the one similar to ipad.
    I do believe that RIM should release a 10Ē Playbook. Hopefully they just cancelled the fall release and will still bring it out next year. Lounging and viewing the larger screen is great. But they should keep the 7Ē as well. It is much more portable. And what is sometimes lost, is how great a size it is for gaming. A 10Ē is too big for portable gaming on the go, but the 7Ē is great. Maybe just make the bezel smaller to make the overall device a little bit smaller while keeping the screen size.

    If the phones were 4Ē would people buy the 7Ē tablet? I think many consumers may move to 10Ē but I think the 7Ē still would do well. Especially in business. Buying 7Ē for meetings and personal use, and a 10Ē for client meetings for greater viewing of info. One positive would be so many androids are 4-4.3Ē would this make android apps run easier to scale on the phones?
    With a 10Ē you should allow for splitting up the screen, at least in two so you could watch a movie and write an email or write a doc while viewing information on another doc or webpage. This would be great. Also the multi-tasking is great but maybe instead of viewing them in a horizontal line, show them tiled so you can quickly choose the one you want to go to instead of swiping through to see the one you want. Allowing the user to move the order of the open apps by holding down for a sec would be great. Maybe have an alpha balance on the keyboard would be great as well.

    The browser could use some more features like open in background tab. When I go to a news site I scan down the page and open tabs for articles I want to read, but I donít want to have to go to every new tab I open right away. This would be great or at least include in options where you can choose stay on current page when opening a link in a new tab.


    RIM is horrible at marketing at least to consumers. I have never seen an ad that made me think wow I have to buy that. BB Ads do have a certain style. But to most people I know, they aren't worth the money. With so many people having left the company as of late. It is time for RIM to do some headhunting, and get some great new team players. They should also hire some independent marketing players. But you can't keep using these sometimes smug campaigns and slogans that you have been doing in the past, time to humble up. Maybe even take a page from Apple.

    Tell a story about the device and what QNX does. Do target advertising, QNX is used in the military. Sounds like some patriotic something or other about security, reliability and power could be marketed to areas of the States. Medical equipment to hospitals, vehicles etc.


    One of the complaints about the playbook was people can't find it in the stores, it has outdated software etc. Rim should really sell their devices online, like apple and other companies. They would also keep more money per unit and still work to various cell companies. But this also allows them to be the ones providing the details and accurate information on the devices. The BB website should use a bit of a refresh too.

    As for in stores, a while back there were clips online about holo-displays that BB was testing. This would be a wonderful showcase for QNX and playbook. Gives visibility, modify the unit so there are ones for people to use. Obviously you couldn't have them in all stores, but maybe major centers where there are more purchases. It would certainly draw people to look at them. And do like apple pay to have the products displayed properly and shown. Maybe fewer retailers would be better.


    I hate patent trolls and how patents have become so general. But RIM should join the game more. I am always hearing about Apple patenting some generalized patent for something or other. RIM should have a team that just sits around coming up with new ideas and generalisations for patents if only to future proof their business. With NFC being used for security tags etc, maybe RIM should take out a patent for mobile devices using NFC for security identification purposes. Who knows, maybe there isnít a generalised patent for this feature yet.

    Well it is late and I am tired. If anyone managed to get through this I thank them for their time. I know this ended up being long and nothing revolutionary. But I feel like I got a bunch of my thoughts out of my head and maybe added a little something to the discussion.

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    Wow you have some interesting thoughts on many RIM subjects. What I find so sad though is that it probably will never be seen by RIM I have to disagree with you on the 4g...as you said we tend to think more in a North American View instead of a world view. There is not 4g all across the world so why put 4g in a world capable phone?

    As for flash, yes this would be nice but on a phone it would be a major battery killer and probably cause lag and many battery resets.

    I could talk more on your opinions but it's 2am here and I don't have the time...but thanks for sharing
    08-10-11 12:57 AM
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    I suggest you send this as an e-mail to research in motion, or as a postal mail letter. That way, as snail mail goes, it gets read. You could also send it as an @reply to @blackberryhelp or @blackberry (or the official twitter account) so those ideas get seen and heard.

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    Thanks for taking a read, I know it turned out quite long. But it felt good to get out some thoughts that had been floating around in my head. I agree there needs to be 3g, just thought introducing a 4g would be great as well.

    Flash is battery intensive, etc. But like the playbook, I figure you could provide the option to turn flash off. At least it would be there in the device as a selling feature like in the PB and useful to.

    I agree RIM would likely not see this, maybe I will post a smaller version out. Just late night ramblings. But thanks again for giving it a read.
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    Well I think there are some RIM employees on this forum they just don't tend to reveal who they are, but they Do read the forums.
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