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    Intro: I am a faithful BB9900 user. I bought one when they first came out. Not having any BB knowledge it took me more than a month to master. I had 10 email and 5 Twitter accounts on my phone. Before it broke last week I had issues with it that most likely could have been solved if I had been a faithful CB user. I joined Thursday and spent about 20 hours on this site. AMAZING!!!!!!

    When I saw the tread by BriniaSona about a "Fan Based" Z70 with an E-Belt and after reading almost all the 9900, Q10 and Q20 forums I asked BriniaSona, why can't the E-Belt or electronic tool belt be added to the Q20? Reply was "YES"

    Can you imagine our BB9900 with OS10 technology, big screen, optional tool belt (toggle) and a bigger screen?

    They could write OS software for the Q10 for the optional e-belt. Don't know if this is possible and never had a Q10 in my hands, but if this can be done current Q10 owners would be ecstatic and it might help BB from reproducing the 9900 and rushing the Q20 before it is tested and ready. It would also help cash flow if they did a high end Q10 with the stainless band (which a user did on a Q10 in another forum) and call it a Q15. Make the Q15 economically (dirt cheap) so cell companies will push it. The development cost is already capitalize and it will buy time for a excellent Q20.

    Ok, that is my 2 cents after being on this website for 3 days. And yes, this is blowing out my *** and I know absolutely nothing about this industry or what it would take to progam the OS to do this. Well, what do you think BB and CB users?

    I was born in February so I'm a dreamer (aka Aquarian)

    Dean Oshiro
    @mr4aces (Twitter)
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    04-12-14 12:51 AM
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    They might consider it, I would not say "never."

    And welcome to CB!!!
    04-12-14 07:05 AM
  3. Mr4aces's Avatar
    After reading additional threads and rethinking the optional e-belt, I feel it would slow down my automatic day to day functions. Please dump this idea.

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    04-15-14 09:05 AM

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