03-19-14 11:31 PM
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  1. Anthony Roberts5's Avatar
    Get the z10 the q10 while nice suffers from fragmentation with apps and games all games and apps work for the z10 and not all them work for the q10...the z10 keyboard is great and even though not the greatest battery life you can an extended battery for it on eBay


    Get the z10 for sure

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    03-19-14 09:57 PM
  2. JDel23's Avatar
    I went from Z (since launch day in Canada) to now the Q10 (2 weeks old). Best move I made. I realized I liked the Z mainly for multimedia. Don't get me wrong, BlackBerry has the best virtual keyboard on the market as well. But I am an email,txt and bbm user mainly so I went back to the physical kb and love it! Batt life kills the Z10 even though I had 2. I find the Q10 best all around performer in my opinion.

    From the Zed10 to the Q10!
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    03-19-14 11:31 PM
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