1. anon6040766's Avatar
    Not sure how this compares to other carriers but overnight Verizon dropped their Q10 from $199 w/ contract to $49, but more importantly dropped from $549.99 to $399.99 full retail. For all you mathematicians out there that's a $150 price break. Any thoughts on why the drop today? Anybody more willing to pay now or still priced to high?

    Posted via my BlackBerry Z30 on VZW from Philly
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    01-27-14 08:20 AM
  2. anischab's Avatar
    Same thing in Germany, just checked out Amazon.de

    The price of Z10 dropped some weeks ago...
    Oh, just noticed the same for Z30: dropped from 570 to 450 Euros!!!

    Ok... there's something happening!

    Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany
    01-27-14 08:29 AM
  3. locke7's Avatar
    It was odd that the Q10 and Z30 were the same price for a while... hopefully it will lead to more sales but unlikely. BlackBerry's biggest problem is that people don't realize how much better BlackBerry is now.

    Posted via my Q10, USA
    01-27-14 09:10 AM
  4. p51's Avatar
    Dropped to $389.00 on AT&T. Just checked their online store. Going to get one TODAY!!!
    01-27-14 03:36 PM
  5. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    What do people do when they have several phones? Do you have more than one account, or do you just switch sim cards and SD card's?

    Posted via CB10 on my Q10
    01-27-14 03:49 PM
  6. p51's Avatar
    i typically just switch SIM cards.
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    01-27-14 04:03 PM
  7. BerryRipe's Avatar
    I paid a whopping full price at $600.00 for my Q10 on Verizon and I don't regret it because I basically put a foot up into Verizon behind. No iphone or android and not even interested. Give me my BlackBerry b*#ches!

    Keep The Faith ? BlackBerry Q10 ?
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    01-27-14 04:20 PM
  8. anon6040766's Avatar
    Couldn't resist! Had a $325 credit from Verizon and as I posted above saw the price drop to $325 so I picked one up for $75 plus tax! I swapped SIMS with my Z30 and am happily typing away with the best QWERTY in the world. Gotta admit though, while the screen is ridiculously small compared to the Z30, the phone just fits in your hand the way a phone should. I'll miss the Z30 but I'm sure I'll bounce back and forth.

    Posted with my Q10 on Verizon from Philly
    01-27-14 08:02 PM

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