02-21-14 10:10 PM
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    Sorry, I don't agree on this. Just like other companies making touch screen devices, BlackBerry had no choice but to delve into that market. Albeit, to me, they failed terribly with the Storm, and Storm II. But, with the Z10, they came out the blocks flying. The sad issue was the market was way ahead, and consumers were playing with the likes of Apple and Android. And to be honest, who could blame them?

    Now, BlackBerry have hit back hard again with the Q10, and some true lovers of physical keys flocked to it. Even I did, too. But, I had a Z10 before getting a Q10. I ended using the Q10 for THREE days and I was back to my Z10.

    So, like someone else said, "each to their own..."
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    02-21-14 10:10 PM
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