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    Hi Everyone,

    As the title of the thread states, I want to purchase a Blackberry Pearl from Canada for someone in South Korea. As I understand Korea has 3G and uses SIM cards so I was wondering if there are any other barriers to this being possible.

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    No barriers, but make sure the 3G is in the same frequency in both countries or the best the phone is going to do is EDGE.


    South Korea only uses the 2100Mhz spectrum, so no 3G coverage there for a Canadian phone.
    07-03-10 04:13 PM
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    I just had a more in depth look at the Pearl phones. Unless I'm reading this wrong then the only version of the Pearl that will work in South Korea is the new Pearl 3G phone. The older models are not capable of supporting the 2100Mhz spectrum.
    07-03-10 04:18 PM
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    thanks for the reply. My friend actually looked up on a website... she has to pay like 400-500 CAD to be able to use a blackberry in korea. Can anyone confirm this? It is a one time payment for Personal Signal Certification.

    Also, if anyone else can confirm what Radius said about no barriers, a second opinion would be awesome. Also... I must make a correction, it is the Blackberry Curve I will be purchasing, not the Pearl.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Honestly does it have to be a BB? Is there a cheaper smartphone that you can use? 4-500 smackaroos is a lot.
    07-03-10 11:51 PM
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    No Curve supports the 2100Mhz frequency from Canada so you cannot use then in South Korea at all.

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    What about getting a Tour 9630 or a Storm?
    07-04-10 08:34 AM