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    I have not seen this posted before but I have added autotext punctuation shortcuts that work well for me.
    If you just assign "c" for a "," it gives a space after the word which is incorrect so [I]word,[/I] would be typed word c and autotext would make it word , which is not acceptable because there is a space after word. But I just found that %b is an autotext backspace so you can set up a comma in autotext as:


    This backspaces the comma to the correct place. So by doing above the comma is now in the right place when you type a word c it would look like word,
    I've done this with q (for questionmark) but with 2 spaces (for the end of the sentence) so in autotext I set up:

    %b? (with two spaces after ?)

    and the same for exclamation point set as: e replace with %b! . (also with two spaces)

    This is also very handy with symbols as shortcuts.

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    Great tip.
    08-14-09 06:55 AM
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    Is there anyway to use autotext for punctuation without the necessity of putting a space between the word and the punctuation? If I utilize an autotext comma, for instance, right after a word, the autotext does not work.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?
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    I use this on wap when I close a url link with "[/url]". I type a space after the url link, then my autotext "urc" (as in "url close") which is inserts this autotext: %b[/url] This creates the url closing bracket like this[/url].

    (I also created a "uro" autotext to create the opening wap url indicator.)

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    09-15-09 10:18 PM
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    Not too useful to me, sorry. But that means instead of:

    "Hey, how are you doing?"

    you get:

    "Hey , how are you doing ?"

    Not really correct and looks no so good IMO.
    09-15-09 11:04 PM
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    Yeah, a bit too much work for those of use with 2 thumbs. Alt+n = , perfectly.
    09-15-09 11:45 PM
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    What's the point? Doesn't it take the same effort to press alt and N as it does to press space and C?

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    09-16-09 02:04 AM