1. Poi25's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    this is prob a super newb question but I'm trying to pull some of the stock sounds off my bold so I can use them for some sound effects on a project I'm creating for class.

    how can i do this? I just want the standard ringers/notifiers/beeps/etc and after plugging in my Bold, showing hidden files and system folders and trying to explore the file system, I am still coming up empty handed.

    any of your help will be greatly appreciated!
    12-09-08 02:01 PM
  2. crispycutz's Avatar
    as you prolly see with wall papers, i believe the default sounds are "locked" per the little lock icon,

    throw a 1/8" line in your BB (small headphone size) and pop the other end into your PC's line in, or mic jack...

    u may have to twaek the recording volume etc.. but I think you'll be able to figure it out from here
    12-09-08 02:37 PM