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    I LOVE this Forum!

    Ok, so I have Desktop Manager 4.6 and on my BB the OS is 4.5 (which works great btw). I run Office/Outlook 2003. All of a sudden I cannot synch the CALENDAR function. Contacts work just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Outlook AND Desktop manager. I have also deleted the Intellisynch Folder. What the heck is going on?? HELLLP.

    Frustrated in Philly!
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    11-04-08 10:43 AM
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    It sometimes happens that OTA sync is lost for one of the five apps that BES supports. I don't know why this happens, but here is a solution that has always worked for me:

    You should know that there is a very slight risk of corrupting the OS on your device anytime you do a battery pull, so be sure to have a current backup before performing this procedure.
    1. Options / Advanced Options / Service Books
    2. Select the entry "Desktop [SYNC]"
    3. Push the Menu button
    4. Select Delete
    5. Answer "yes" to the "are you sure question?"
    6. Without turning off the blackberry, remove the battery
    7. Leave the battery out for a minute or so
    8. Put the battery back in
    9. After the blackberry boots up, select Options / Advanced Options / Service Books
    10. Push the Menu button
    11. Select Undelete

    The Wireless Sync option should now be present for Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Messages, and Calendar. It may be necessary to do this procedure more than once. The first time I did it, the service book came back, but the Wireless Sync option did not come back. I repeated the entire process and the second time the Wireless Sync capability was restored. So if you do it and it doesn't work, repeat the entire process. I've successfully used this process to restore OTA synching for contacts, notes, and the calendar. I've never had the problem with Tasks or Messages.

    If this process doesn't work, Blackberry Technical Support Knowledge Base Article KB10105 may apply. Here is the link: Calendar entries will not synchronize from the BlackBerry smartphone to Microsoft Outlook

    If this Knowledge Base article applies, your IT department will have to solve the problem. It's beyond user solution.
    11-04-08 11:01 AM
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    Awesome. I will give it a go!! Thank you!
    11-04-08 11:04 AM
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    One small problem.. There is NO Desktop Sync option under Service Books... Help?
    11-04-08 11:11 AM
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    Are you a BES user? I may have misread your problem.
    11-04-08 11:23 AM
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    I am guessing not... since I dont know what BES is...
    11-04-08 11:25 AM
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    Ok, this is the problem I am having as well. The sync in outlook worked or will work if I got through about 10 itterations of rebooting, deleting the calendar database, resetting everything etc.

    I am a BIS user and am connected to my desktop machine in my office with Outlook open.

    It blows up all the time.
    11-04-08 02:03 PM
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    So, I found a solution. WIPE the entire OS on the phone and reload it. Worked like a charm. It was actually LESS time consuming then trying to figure out a solution.

    I need a drink now.
    11-04-08 02:10 PM
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    I am so unwilling to reload the OS but I will if there is no other way.

    I'll grab that drink when I get home if I can get this to work.

    11-04-08 02:23 PM
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    So??Did it work? Just curious.
    11-04-08 09:21 PM
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    Here is what I did.

    I went to ATT BIS site and deleted my account.
    I hooked the BB up to DM and cleared the calendar database.
    I then pulled the battery and rebooted the BB.
    While the battery was pulled I recreated my BIS account and waited for it to reboot and load the address again.
    Hooked it back up to desktop manager and my calendar completely reloaded.

    This morning had 3 more meeting requests added to my calendar when I got to the office, accepted them all then was able to resync those new entries from Outlook to the BB.

    I wonder if deleting the CICAL Service Book, then resending it would have also solved the problem.

    I absolutely love this BB and I will read every KB article I can get my hands on to make it work. I can't believe this is my first BB, I should have done this a long time ago.

    11-05-08 08:45 AM