1. Foulwx's Avatar
    Flew into Michigan this afternoon from home in PA. Picked up my Tour (Sprint) and noticed a message on the home screen:

    "Provisioning status - The network is updating your preferred network list - please wait."

    I think I inadvertently cancelled it. And now I have a message that says:
    "The session is being canceled. Please wait..."

    So, did I mess things up? The cancellation message has been sitting there for about 10 minutes so far and the BB appears to be locked up. In the meantime I did get two inbound calls, but I don't want to screw anything else up.

    10-01-09 07:07 PM
  2. hootyhoo's Avatar
    That is an update for your roaming. I don't know what it is for tmo but for vz you call *228 for updates. You might check the tmo forums for their #.

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    10-01-09 07:26 PM
  3. Foulwx's Avatar
    As an update - the cancel message sat there for 20+ minutes. I tried turning the phone off and that didn't work. So, I alt+rightshift+del rebooted. That got rid of the message.

    Then I manually went to options/mobile network/BB key/update preferred list and let it do its thing. Everything appears to be working OK.

    I guess my question now for any experts out there, is this going to happen everytime I take a flight and land in a new city? Or is this preferred network list a nationwide list? This was the first time I've taken my Sprint Tour (5.230OS) out of my local area.

    Does Sprint periodically push this preferred network list out to all their phones?

    Just trying to understand this new blackberry stuff.

    Thanks again.
    10-01-09 07:49 PM
  4. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    The OP has Sprint.

    How long is your commute? Can you turn your phone off, and only switch it on if you really need to make a call?
    10-01-09 07:49 PM
  5. gr8lkn85's Avatar
    Mine does this too! Even without going outside of my normal area. Would love for this to work properly, but it stays on there for hours and will not go away without a battery pull.
    11-09-09 11:35 AM