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    Ok, here's the deal...

    Bold 9700/ATT tethered to laptop using the latest Bluesoleil. All BT services work great, but when I try DUN it instantly gives me an error. I looked at the modem log and found the following:

    05-24-2010 20:35:33.608 - Send: AT<cr>
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.634 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.634 - Interpreted response: OK
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.644 - Send: AT&FE0V1&D2&C1S0=0<cr>
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.659 - Recv: <cr><lf>ERROR<cr><lf>
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.659 - Interpreted response: Error
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.707 - Lowering DTR before closing port
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.807 - Session Statistics:
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.807 - Reads : 15 bytes
    05-24-2010 20:35:33.807 - Writes: 22 bytes

    It looks like the 'berry doesn't like the factory reset (&F) and the init commands on the same line. I tried them by hand and if I do the &F first and then issue a new command for the others, it works great.

    The modem driver installed is the IVT Bluetooth Modem driver. If I manually change the driver to "Standard Modem", DUN works great because the 'berry doesn't croak on the init string.

    Has anyone else had this issue using BlueSoleil?

    05-24-10 08:00 PM