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    Whenever I try to search using the BB Yelp app, I notice that it's impossible to do a simple click-through: when I'm in the "location" field and press the enter key, it thinks that I want to see other options for possible locations, rather than simply submit the search term that's already there.

    This means that the only way to submit a search is to move down to the "search" button using the trackpad (I have a Curve 8530) and click on that. But, it's very easy to miss the "search" button with the mouse cursor, because there are other clickable links below it (i.e., links to saved searches), and the Curve trackpad is tiny.

    I don't think that the basic operation of the Yelp app (searching) should require such high levels of concentration.

    Do you have any advice on what to do, short of getting a phone that still receives regular updates on its Yelp app?

    01-29-12 06:33 PM