1. chadly643's Avatar
    I recently purchased a new Kia Forte. For the first two weeks that I have owned the car the built in bluetooth has worked without a hitch. Today all of a sudden my car would not stop "downloading phone book." It seems as if my blackberry tour is blocking my car from downloading the phonebook and as long as the car is trying to download the phonebook I can not use the voice activated phone commands.

    Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated,

    07-28-11 07:24 PM
  2. RedGreenBlue's Avatar
    As a guess, go to Bluetooth options to check if they are all set correctly to allow the phone to communicate with the car's hands-free equipment. For example, there's one option called "Contacts Transfer," which could have become disabled. Another guess is that you may also need to renter the PIN. I'd check the car's manual section on hands-free to see what steps are needed to do that. Finally, there's chapter in the Blackberry User's Manual on Bluetooth technology that might be of help.
    07-30-11 12:56 PM