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    All of a sudden I am having major problems syncing my Outlook 2007 contacts with my blackberry. It seems like I have a corrupt file somewhere. I have updated my software on both my blackberry and the desktop manager. Nothing has worked. Any advice? Thanks.

    Here is an update. I got this message on my blackberry after rebooting: uncaught exception: java.lang.nullpointerexception
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    I too have had the same exact error message on my phone, word for word, just today as a matter of fact. However my symptoms are different.

    My phone stopped ringing when I received calls.

    My phone will connect to DM 4.6 and sync.

    In my case it was my call logs that were corrupted, and when I connected to DM all I had to do was clear the call logs list, and restart.

    I've read in the forums where these java.nullpoint errors are extremely difficult to track down and fix. The only answer I've seen from other members on a regular basis is a clean re-install of the OS.

    PS, You might want to clear your call logs to see if it works for you, the 5 year old post I found did not match my symptoms either

    PSS, I've also read where there were problems syncing because of the photographs used in Outlook causing corrupted files during a sync. I hope you find your cause before you have to re-install the OS
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    This has been a nightmare. I did a clean re-install but the problem still exists. Can't sync my contacts. I think I may have isolated the problem to a contact I updated today that I cannot delete. Still working on it. Thanks.
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    Like I said everything I've read about corrupted files are nightmares.

    When you did your clean re-install did you restore you files from your last backup on your computer, it might be the corrupted file is contained in your last back up, and you might have to use a earlier backup, or no back up at all.

    Good luck
    04-04-11 09:10 PM