1. rarturi's Avatar
    Hi, i heard about shangmail and iīve downloaded it. But when i try to login with my account in the application of shangmail it says: Network Error , please check network setting and signal level. I donīt know whatīs going on because the BB 8120 has Wifi and shangmail is supposed to work via wifi.

    I donīt have a plan.
    04-15-09 10:56 PM
  2. talk-to-frank's Avatar
    you probably need your networks APN information... or you need to have the network allow your line to use data...

    which network are you running?
    BTW - if you dont have a plan, you could be in for some big bills if you use data intensive apps!
    04-17-09 09:54 AM
  3. numbah's Avatar
    rarturi, I'm stuck in the same situation - wifi but no data plan. Have you managed to get Shangmail to work?
    06-24-09 03:42 PM
  4. jackbox's Avatar
    Shangmail doesn't seem to work with wifi even thought it is supposed to. You need a generic data plan with APN info put in under Options, Advanced Options, TCP or it simply won't function.
    07-24-09 11:14 AM