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    Hi all,

    I am new to Crackberry, but am sure my problem is not very new! i have 9 contacts on my BBM. While i am in touch with most on these contacts on a daily basis, there is one contact that I message much more.

    For the past 4 days or so, she is the only contact where the messages are slow to go through to her. This I know, since there is only a tick mark next to the message and no d or r, to indicate, delivered or Read.

    I am aware that such bbms dont reach when the receiver is on phone. But this is not so in here case, as this is a phone dedicated only to bbm and emails.

    Another surprising element, is that only in the bbms that i send her, i notice that sometimes, even when the d and r is not indicated on the tick mark, she has received and read it.

    this morning I deleted her from my contacts, took off the battery, the memory chip, as well as the sim card; waited for 3 minutes and then restarted the phone and added her back. it worked fine for a few hours, and now, it is back to not working well.

    Can you please let me know what is happening? I also have a version of the software Kisses installed that apparently tells you if there is any malware. it has not found any till now.

    Can you please help me understand what is happening? Why only with this contact? why not with others? What is the remedy?

    Thanks a lot!!
    10-28-10 07:47 AM