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    I changed a setting in my facebook account on my laptop and evidently it created a problem on my blackberry logging into facebook via web2go. When I'm on T-Mobile MobileLife and I click on the facebook app icon and get the login page. It says Email or phone and password- I put in my email address and my password and it takes me back to that page and says "You must log in first". I just tried to login. It will not log me in. However, when I go to the facebook app icon in my blackberry menu- voila it's up and running.

    Please advise. It's frustrating as you can see.


    07-15-12 07:14 PM
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    Then, when I do view facebook on my facebook app on my blackberry, I get a notification message "An unrecognizable device recently attempted to access your account. Let us know if it was you." Over and over again. Then I say it was Okay and it just loops back through the same thing the next time I login....

    07-15-12 07:52 PM