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    Hi, I'm new to Crackberry as I have an issue downloading music via a youtube to mp3 converter....It worked for a while but now it wont sync any new tracks as it says not supported. Just wondering if anyone has any advice?!

    12-02-10 03:57 PM
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    I never download music directly to my bb. I have taken 2gb of music from my gf's itunes and downloaded another 1.5gb through limewire. If you enable Mass storage mode you can plug it into any pc and drag all the files into the media card all at once. Only takes a minute. You shouldn't need a converter. Unless it's a format that is not compatible.

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    12-02-10 08:09 PM
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    thanks for that...i used to use limewire but now its been closed down i was using youtube, then converting videos to mp3 format but it wont then sync them to my bb, saying its the wrong format.
    12-05-10 02:48 PM
  4. albee 1's Avatar
    Aren't you supposed to convert them to mp4? Music=Mp3 Videos=Mp4?

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    12-05-10 04:05 PM