1. beachunni12865's Avatar
    Hey guys, new here! I have an ATT curve. it's my third device and i am having a problem with the phone going from "gprs" to "edge" and then it drops my calls or stops sending texts. resetting the phone doesn't work. it even locks the phone to where i have to pull the battery out of it. anyone else having this problem? had the problem? replacing the phone isn't helping, and they're saying it's not a network issue. thanks!
    11-19-08 05:07 PM
  2. JoshuaMB's Avatar
    I have had some issues with my ATT curve lately too, and I wonder if it is a network issue due to changes to the network to get the Bold up and running. I did hear that the release of the Bold was due to network issues, and for the past few weeks my BBM does not work properly.
    I too have had issues with the phone "searching for network" off and on, or it would "call fail" and have no network and then work immediately afterwards.
    But the consistent problem with my curve is that the BBM won't reliably send and receive messages.
    Under Contact Info in the BBM menu, it says "Contact is Unreachable" even though it has worked for eons prior, and suddenly it will clear up and send a bunch of old bbm's and work find for a little bit.
    I have great signal and my bb works fine otherwise, for the most part....
    My "contact" on bbm has the same issue- the phones report that the other is on the phone when they're not, or the clock symbol shows for an interminable amount of time, or the bbm's are just not delivered at all...
    very strange and very sucky.
    11-19-08 05:52 PM
  3. sunkast's Avatar
    FYI, the 8350i is a Nextel device, not ATT. ATT has the 8310. Has this happened on all of your devices or different problems with each device?
    11-19-08 06:08 PM