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    There are a number of threads and posts on this forum that concern the question of WiFi. So that this issue does not die and/or gets any more fragmented, i wanted to make a thread to consolidate all of the issues. So please post you're respective issue so we can easily reference issues.

    As it stands now, a large number of us cannot access blackberry services through WiFi only. A small number seem to be able to do it. It's generally unclear as to what exactly is going on.

    My issue:

    I connect to my WiFi network (any network for that matter, i've tired 4) without issue, the name of the network appears above the time on the home page, but the "WiFi" symbol under the service indicator remains "gray." In this mode i can only utilize the browser. I cannot send/receive email or BBMs (essentially all BB services are dead), access App World or Facebook.

    What i've done this far:

    Deleted wifi profiles, re-scanned and had them automatically added. No change. Manually added my wifi network, no change.

    Contacted Verizon Wireless, they were clueless and transferred me to RIM. RIM claimed that it was a Verizon Issue because they haven't enabled UMA.

    Post you're issue and anything you've tried in an attempt (successful or not) to resolve the issue!
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