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    Anyone have any problems sending emails from a blackberry to an AOL address? We are using Exchange 2003 sp2 and BES 4.1.4 mr4. Some of our blackberry users have had the occasionaly problem sending emails to AOL addresses. The email sends, but it is unviewable on the AOL side - it's all jibberish because the email does not get mime decoded properly. I can take the coded message and stick it through a mime decoder just fine. Called BB and AOL, all are quick to push the blame. I set up a rule on our email gateway to send a copy of all the aol messages to a yahoo account - what's jibberish on AOL is fine when received by Yahoo. Definitely something about the way emails are generated on a blackberry handheld, but we have no idea what AOL doesn't like, yet Yahoo is fine with. Any ideas anyone???? The owner of our company is driving me nuts with this since he can't communicate with his wife - an AOL user!
    03-19-08 04:01 PM