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    I currently have 1 email server in Asia and another one in the US.

    The server in Asia is simply polling and pulling emails from the US servers for archival purposes (intranet use but accessible from an IP).

    When I added 2 Accounts in my BIS, labeled as Internal and External, internal for my Asia server and the External for US server.

    asia: asia.myserver.com (iammario@myserver.com)
    us: mail.myserver.com (iammario@myserver.com)

    I had this running for over a year and there was not a single problem until today. I couldn't have 2 of these emails pushed into my bb anymore. Whichever the latter one configured, it will overwrite the former (only on my bb, but it shows 2 distinct account with a checkmark on the portal).

    What is even weirder is I am able to receive from these 2 email servers BUT one of them will have 'from: unknown' since my service book only has ONE setting CICAL and CMIME.

    I am not sure if I explained this clearly but has anyone experienced this before?

    03-06-09 08:16 AM