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    How about this. I have had people send me PDF files, that are shown as PDF files, as attachments to emails, that open in PDF format with no problems at all. Then again, I've had people send me PDF Files that are shown as PDF attachments but they will NOT open unless I open them as a picture file? If it's a 4 page PDF document, I have to save 4 pics just to read the attachment. My guess is that the person sending the bad PDF is scanning the Doc into a scanner and then sending the item as an PDF attachment mistakenly when it's actually a picture format being sent. Is there a way I can open and then save these PDF/pic documents as a PDF (the original type of document it was prior to being sent)? I've tried opening these type of PDF's "save as" so as to hope it will then convert to an actual PDF but that hasn't worked. All of my other PDF files open as PDF files. It's just this one document that was sent and when I tried to open the file it had a large X across all three pages, thats when I finally saved the doc as 3 photos. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    EDIT: ***Please close this thread, I found an app that takes care of this problem (PDF CREATOR ULTIMATE-FREE/PREMIUM). Thank you Crackberry.
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