1. dvrsandeep's Avatar
    Hi, i have a blackberry 8800 series, i am unable to turn on my bluetooth connection, when i check the box to enable bluetooth connection it is not getting enabled. It worked fine couple of days back. I have updated my device software from the blackberry owners lounge with version 4.5 but no change its still not working. What to do ? also my Trackball works well when i scroll to the right and does not respond when i scroll left. what do i need to do? disassemble and install a new trackball ? Please help me .Thank You.
    10-29-08 12:54 PM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    Bluetooth not activating can be caused by low battery, are you running a full charge? With the trackball, try using a Q-tip and a little rubbing alcohol to clean it.
    10-31-08 02:07 PM