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    A friend is having a problem with her Hotmail account, and I thought I'd ask here for advice.

    Firstly, her Hotmail account was using the Mobile Services Protocol (not POP).

    All day, and only starting today, when she sent an email, it wasn't being delivered. (A red X appeared next to the email.) Service books were resent, service books were all deleted and phone was reooted (and then resent again), etc, nothing helped.

    So I thought it'd help to delete the email account, then readd it on the BIS website.

    That was successful, however, now the option to switch from POP to the Mobile Services Protocol is no longer there. We've tried many things, and it won't show up.

    On the device itself, under email settings, it does show, but when we click the "Change Protocol" button and accept the agreement, it says "Error communicating with server. Click OK to try again."

    It's proving to be very frustrating, and technical support doesn't seem to know what to do.

    Any advice?

    Phone: Bold 9700
    Carrier: Bell Mobility (Canada)

    06-03-10 09:27 PM