1. al3408's Avatar
    Im wondering if anybody else has had this same problem, but on my 8830 when Im in my call log and highlight a call that I want to call back, if I hit the menu key it brings up the options to dial the very first person on my log, not the one I have selected. It bring up the same person no matter who I select. It wont let me choose to dial anyone I want that's listed in my call log, the only way for me to do it is to go through the address book.

    I have my calls separated from my message list and have played around with the call log options with no luck. Any ideas?
    11-17-08 03:02 PM
  2. resq330's Avatar
    Just hit the track ball or send to call the highlighted person. Won't that work?
    11-17-08 04:19 PM
  3. al3408's Avatar
    Nope, I wish it were that easy. The problem is it wont let you dial out from the call log in any way to the person you have highlighted. If I highlight the entry and hit send it starts dialing VM, if I highlight the option and hit the trackball it gives me the menu of options for dialing my VM. I can call anyone from the address book, but for some reason it wont allow the highlighted person to be dialed from the call log.
    11-20-08 10:43 AM