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    About one week ago I bought a BB 9300 and I made the mistake of almost completely discharge it in the first day. When it turned off by itself, I turned it back on several times. Then, I found out that doing this can damage the battery or may cause a malfunction. Now my battery doesn't last even a day. I use my phone a lot but I always close the apps Im not using, backlight is set to the minimun.
    I want to know if this problem can be the consecuence of what I did or if they gave me bad battery.
    Is there any solution?

    07-05-11 10:30 PM
  2. anon(3733516)'s Avatar
    must be a bad battery. modern lithium ion batteries don't have "memories", meaning that they don't need to be discharged and recharged like old batteries once did. in fact, it's more of a bad thing to let it die than to keep topping it off.
    07-05-11 11:32 PM
  3. mobibiz's Avatar
    Absolutely correct, that this should not happen with the new li-ion batteries. but still before you go for a battery change. Let the battery drain out completely till the phone shuts down and then charge it till it gets a full charge, see if this helps. (It has helped me once )
    07-06-11 01:06 AM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Curve 9300 Specs - BlackBerry Curve 3G Specifications

    Battery & Battery LifeBlackBerry Curve 9300
    1150mAHr removable/rechargeable
    lithium-ion cell
    Standby time: GSM - up to 19 days,
    UMTS - up to 14.5 days
    Talk time: GSM - up to 4.5 hours,
    UMTS - up to 5.5 hours

    Music playback: up to 29 hours
    You indicate you are a heavy user, I assume you are using the phone which does consume a lot of power.

    Compare the Talk time to Music Playback which uses the CPS, but not the phone radio: 4.5Hr vs 29Hr.

    07-06-11 01:03 PM