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    wasup guyz im new here... well i think i may have stumbled accorss a possible solution as to why when you may go to text sumbody you'll type and the letters will take a few seconds to catch up with how fast your fingers are actually going... simply reduce the number of previous text messages in your texts! you do this by: options, sms text, number of previous items. i think the default is 7 but not sure. i changed mine to the maximum which was 50 then one day i realized when i got a text from sumbody who never text me before with no prior text history in my phone that the letters were coming up faster than ever. i then went back and reduced the number of previous items in my text messages to 7 and i see a significant response in my typing and how fast the letters come up on the screen. i think this is because the more previous text messages you have the more memory the bb uses to recall a text even to reply to.

    i hope this was helpful and didn't start another thread on something that may have been said before.
    10-23-08 11:24 PM
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    Naw man good post. Some people don't know that. I usually just clear my box every night

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    10-23-08 11:28 PM
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    Good post and welcome to CB.
    10-24-08 06:09 AM
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    Good info. i actually never messed with that setting.

    i'm going to play with it and check lag. Nice find!

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    10-24-08 07:39 AM
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    Good post, welcome to the fam.

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    10-24-08 07:41 AM
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    Thanks alot guys! This site gives so much information it's not even funny! Whoever started this website should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize!!! lol
    10-26-08 12:36 AM
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    Great, thanks for the info!
    10-26-08 01:07 AM